Joico hair care products is like no other line of hair care products. Its the first complete hair care system designed around the unique reconstructing qualities of hydrolyzed human hair keratin protein. We call our exclusive blend of this protein Triamine Complex® Formula.

Joico Products
Anti Frizz
K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum
Anti Frizz & Straightening
K-Pak Smoothing Balm
Daily Care Conditioner Altima Condi...
Daily Leave-In Detangler, Integrity...
K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructo...
K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner
K-PAK Intensive Hydraing Treatment
K-Pak Leave-in Protectant
K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio-advanced Resto...
K-Pak, Reconstruct Daily Conditione...
Lite Daily Care Balancing Condition...
Moisture Recovery Conditioner
Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
JOI Lotion
JOIGEL Firm, Formerly I.C.E. Gel
JoiGel Medium
Hair Spray
JoiFix Firm, pump
JoiFix Medium, pump
JoiMist Firm, Aerosol
JoiMist Medium, Aerosol
Joishape, Aerosol
K-Pack Protective Working Hair Spra...
Leave in Conditioner
K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor.
Body Luxe Design Foam
Joico JoiWhip , Formerly I.C.E. WHI...
K-Pack Thermal Designing Foam
Biojoba Shampoo, Daily Care Treatme...
Daily Balancing ShampoTriage Shamp...
K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo
K-Pak, Reconstruct Shampoo
KERAPRO Conditioning Shampoo
KERAPRO Daily Care Conditioning Sha...
Moisture Recovery Shampoo
Body Luxe Root Lift
Body Luxe Thickening Elixir
K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Sty...
Biojoba Shampoo, Daily Care Treatment Shampoo
Joico Biojoba Shampoo,treatment shampoo contains biotin,inositol and jojoba oil to revitalize hair and dry scalp. Great for colored,permed or chemically damaged hair.
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $16.00        
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $33.00    
Body Luxe Design Foam
Designed for: volume and thickness

This heat-activated non-aerosol styling foam increases hair s diameter, provides volume and adds slip.

Hair looks and feels thicker and fuller while remaining soft and full of volume.
SIZE: 8.5 oz     $16.50        
Body Luxe Root Lift
Formerly: HI-RISE HAIR Volume Booster

Designed for: volumizing

This volume boosting spray with a directional-delivery system is applied at the roots to provide extra lift, volume, body and bounce that lasts throughout the day.

Creates substantial lift and ..more
SIZE: 10.5 oz     $16.50        
Body Luxe Thickening Elixir
Designed for: thickening

This sumptuous styling elixir dramatically transforms fine, limp strands into luxuriously thick hair with noticeably increased body and volume.

Hair looks and feels thicker and fuller with more control.

Use alone or with other st..more
SIZE: 6.8 oz     $18.50        
Daily Balancing ShampoTriage Shampoo
Joico Triage Shampoo,moisture balancing shampo for normal hair offers balanced cleansing while actively maintaining hairs natural health.
SIZE: 10.1 oz.     $16.00        
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $24.50    
Daily Care Conditioner Altima Conditioner
Joico Altima Conditioner,for chemically treated hair helps to restore and retain moisture lost duiring chemical processing.
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $29.00        
SIZE: 10.5 oz.     $16.00    
Daily Leave-In Detangler, Integrity Leave -in Conditioner
Joico Integrity leave-in conditioner,weightless leave-in conditioning detangler will not leave any build-up or residue on the hair.Makes hair soft and easy to comb through.
SIZE: 10.1 oz.     $16.50        
JOI Lotion
JOI Lotion: Light-to-medium hold styling and setting lotion. Adds body to fine, limp hair while promoting shine. Adds manageability to coarse or hard-to-control hair. Excellent for blow-drying.
SIZE: 6.8 oz.     $17.00        
JOIGEL Firm, Formerly I.C.E. Gel
Joico I.C.E. GEL,maximum hold styling gel provides excellent support and control for all hair types.
SIZE: 33.8 oz     $24.50        
SIZE: 8.5 oz.     $17.90    
JoiFix Firm, pump
Formerly: I.C.E. MIST Maximum Hold Finishing Spray

Designed for: firm-hold finishing

This non-aerosol, firm-holding finishing spray provides a humidity-resistant hold in any climate.

UV protectants and panthenol provide shine and a barrier against the envi..more
SIZE: 10.1oz     $19.00        
JoiFix Medium, pump
Formerly: TRAVALLO Medium Hold Design and Finishing Spray

Designed for: medium-hold styling and finishing

This medium-hold, non-aerosol hairspray provides flexible styling and finishing.

UV protectants resist daily environmental damage.

SIZE: 10.1oz     $17.00        
JoiGel Medium
Joico JoiGel ,medium hold styling gel is an excellent all purpose styling tool.
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $24.50        
SIZE: 8.5 oz.     $16.00    
JoiMist Firm, Aerosol
JoiMist Firm, Aerosol
SIZE: 9.1 oz     $18.50        
SIZE: 9.1 oz     $18.50    
JoiMist Medium, Aerosol
Joico JoiMist,medium hold shaping and finishing spray. Versatile fast drying spray enables easy styling. Leaves hair touchable.
SIZE: 9.1 oz.     $18.50        
Joico JoiWhip , Formerly I.C.E. WHIP
Joico I.C.E. Whip Mousse,Firm hold designing foam provides volume and strong hold. Excellent for naturally curly or permed hair.
SIZE: 10.5oz.     $19.00        
Joishape, Aerosol
Designed for: All hair types Benefits: Provides medium hold without total commitment Adds natural shine mango, pear fragrance Use: Hold 6 to 12 inches from hair. Spray over finished style to secure or spray directly onto hair and then brush to desired look. Also can be used with tools like hot rolle..more
SIZE: 9.1 oz.     $16.50        
K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
Joico K Pak Reconstructors ,deep penetrating reconstructive treatment that rebuilds and improves the quality and structure of hair.Strengthens hair inside and out.
SIZE: 8.5 oz.     $29.00        
SIZE: 35.2 oz.     $47.00    
K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
Joico K Pak Reconstructor ,deep penetrating reconstructive treatment that rebuilds and improves the quality and structure of hair.Strengthens hair inside and out.
SIZE: 5.2 oz.     $19.00        
K-PAK Color Therapy Conditioner
Hair is nourished and hydrated, leaving it instantly smoother, shinier and more vibrant. With continued use, hair’s strength, elasticity and resiliency are restored. Haircolor is protected from fading that can be caused by environmental stresses and structural damage.
SIZE: 33.8 oz     $33.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $17.00    
K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil
Designed for: Conditions, strengthen, and prevent color loss


* » Seals and nourishes the cuticle to lock in color
» Strengthens, protects and repairs hair like only K-PAK can
» Imparts vibrant, color-enhancing shine
» Conditions hair for incre..more
SIZE: 3.4 oz     $19.00        
K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo
This color-preserving, reconstructing shampoo gently cleanses hair while improving its elasticity and shine and preventing color loss. Breakthrough QuadraBond Peptide Complex™ restores and protects hair’s natural B-layer, resulting in more vibrant, longer lasting haircolor.
SIZE: 33.8 oz     $33.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $15.50    
K-PAK Intensive Hydraing Treatment
for Dry, damaged hair restores moisture to overly dry, damaged hair seals the cuticle, imparts shinem and improves manageability and elasticity.
SIZE: 8.5 oz     $25.00        
K-PAK Liquid Reconstructor.
Designed for: fine, damaged hair Benefits: This intense leave-in reconstructive liquid protein spray offers fine hair strength, shine and support without added weight. Fine, lifeless hair has restored vitality, strength and elasticity. Clinical results show benefits equal to Deep-Penetrating Reconst..more
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $22.00        
K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio-advanced Restorative Treatment
The RevitaLuxe Restorative Treatment features Joico’s new bio-advanced, patent-pending, Keratin Peptide Complex which actually mimics the natural hair repair mechanism that exists deep within the cortex of each hair strand. This complex features bio-mimetic peptides that actively target and rebuild ..more
SIZE: 5.1 oz     $24.00        
K-Pack Protective Working Hair Spray
K-Pack Protective Hair Spray defines styles,add moisture and helps prevent thermal damage.Protects dry damaged hair.
SIZE: 10 oz     $16.50        
K-Pack Thermal Designing Foam
K-Pack Thermal Designing Foam,meduium hold adds body and heat activated,protects dry damaged hair.
SIZE: 10.2 oz     $19.90        
K-Pak Leave-in Protectant
Joico K-Pak Leave-in Protectant - This unique foaming leave-in protectant finalizes the reconstruction process by sealing the cuticle and providing a thermal and enviormental protective barrier to the hair before styling. Detangles, conditions and adds shine.

SIZE: 8.5 oz.     $17.00        
K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum
Joico K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum, Triamine Complex helps reconstruct throughout the day. Protects hair from free radical damage, UV light and environmental pollutants. Helps prevent split ends and frizziness. Alcohol Free. Adds incredible shine.

SIZE: 1.7 oz     $18.00        
K-Pak Smoothing Balm
Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm,temporarily straightens hair the healthy way, with heat-activated conditoners. Eliminates frizz. Heat activated conditioners penetrate deep for strength and shine.

SIZE: 6.8 oz     $20.00        
K-Pak, Reconstruct Daily Conditioner
K-Pak, Reconstruct Daily Conditioner - This moisture rich daily conditioner reconstructs and strengthens damaged hair. Detangles and eliminates static while leaving hair smooth, silky and shiny.

SIZE: 33 oz     $33.00        
SIZE: 10.5 oz     $21.00    
K-Pak, Reconstruct Shampoo
Joico K-Pak, Reconstruct Shampoo, for damaged hair - Developed to begin the reconstruction process, this rich formulation cleanses the hair gently while drenching it in a rich, luxurious lather. Leaves hair soft and manageable without weighing it down.

SIZE: 33.8 oz     $33.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz.     $16.00    
KERAPRO Conditioning Shampoo
Joico Kerapro Shampoo,conditioning shampoo for normal to dry hair gently cleanses while enhancing your hairs moisture balance. Good for color treated hair.
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $16.00        
KERAPRO Daily Care Conditioning Shampoo
Joico Kerapro Shampoo,conditioning shampoo for normal to dry hair gently cleanses while enhancing your hairs moisture balance. Good for color treated hair.
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $24.50        
Lite Daily Care Balancing Conditioner
Joico Lite Conditioner for all hair types.Detangles hair without making it flat.Eliminates static electricity and adds luster.
SIZE: 33.8 oz.     $25.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz.     $19.00    
Moisture Recovery Conditioner
Designed for: dry hair

This technologically advanced marine-based conditioner contains Hydramine Sea Complex, Quadramine Complex and jojoba oil to provide the ultimate in moisture replenishment for dry hair.

Dry hair is revitalized and emerges hydrated, smooth and ..more
SIZE: 33.8 oz     $33.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $17.00    
Moisture Recovery Shampoo
Designed for: dry hair

The first step to revitalizing dry hair.

This hair-quenching shampoo provides gentle cleansing while restoring hair s moisture level.

Moisture Recovery s exclusive Hydramine Sea Complex, combined with Joico s Quadramine Complex rep..more
SIZE: 33.8 oz     $31.00        
SIZE: 10.1 oz     $16.00    
Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm
Designed for: thick/coarse dry hair

This intensive moisture treatment contains Hydramine Sea Complex as well as murumuru, olive and shea butters to aid in the recovery of hair s natural elasticity while soothing the cuticle and promoting softness and shine.

Thick, ..more
SIZE: 8.5oz     $17.50        
SIZE: 6.8 oz     $17.50    

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